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Quiet Joy

Quiet Joy

a joy from start to finish


Quiet Joy is Jennifer's second collaboration with guitarist Peter Sprague.  Recorded at Spragueland Studios in Encinitas, California, this CD features Jennifer on all three of her primary instruments – vocals, guitar and piano – as well as on finger snaps, bells and wind chimes. This disc is an exciting mix of originals, standards and Brazilian songs. Jennifer’s unique arrangements are profoundly musical and always in the service heartfelt expression.


“A tasty, swinging set from a thrush that can swing, scat and make you

 feel good by just giving this a spin. Right in the pocket and a gas.”

 – Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap


Jennifer Lee – vocals, guitar, piano

Peter Sprague – guitar

David Udolf – piano

Bob Magnusson – bass

Buca Necak – bass

Tripp Sprague – harmonica, saxophone

Raul Ramirez – percussion

Duncan Moore – drums

Carter Dewberry – cello


1. I Hear Music

2. Quiet Joy

3. Menina da Lua

4. O Barquinho

5. Music of Your Soul

6. You Knew

7. O Pato

8. Menininha do Portão

9. Baby Mine

10. I Don’t Want to Fall

11. Amor Certinho / S’Wonderful

12. Pennies from Heaven

13. On a Clear Day / Never Never Land

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