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My Shining Hour

My Shining Hour

a cosmic exploration, within and without

a journey of self-discovery


The official release of Jennifer Lee and the Ever-Expanding Universe – My Shining Hour is on August 10th, but pre-release copies are available now.  For downloads, click on the link above.  To purchase physical copies, go to the "contact" page to send a message to Jennifer. Be among the first to hear this fantastic new recording!


Jennifer’s third collaboration with guitarist Peter Sprague marks a turning point in her career as she steps fully into her role as songwriter.  Eleven of the thirteen tracks are Jennifer’s original compositions – a showcase of her skill and breadth in this arena.  From heart-rending ballads, to swingers worthy of the Great American Songbook, to lush bossa novas and a stirring tango, My Shining Hour is a colorful tapestry of inspired and inspiring music. Two of the tracks feature the gorgeous, resonant voice of Jennifer’s life partner (and sometimes muse) Carey Williams in duet with Jennifer.  Soulful, uplifting, poignant, tender, wistful, heartbreaking, cathartic, transformative, whimsical, playful, psychedelic – these are just a few of the words that describe this dynamic new recording.


Jennifer Lee – vocals (lead and background), piano, guitar

Carey Williams – vocals (lead and background)

Peter Sprague – guitar

Adam Shulman – piano, keyboard

Murray Low – piano Bridget Dolkas – violin

Bob Magnusson – acoustic bass

Gunnar Biggs – acoustic bass

Buca Necak – acoustic bass

Justin Grinnell – electric bass

Duncan Moore – drums

Tommy Aros – percussion

John Santos – percussion

Rich Kuhns – accordion

Randy Brecker – flugelhorn

Mads Tolling – violin

Tripp Sprague – saxophone

Steve Dillard – trumpet

Healy Henderson – violin

Pam Jacobson – viola

Rudy Stein – cello

Eric Moore – cello

Anita Wardell – background vocals

Shanna Carlson – background vocals

Linda Kosut – background vocals


1. My Shining Hour

2. Crammin’ Crepes with Cathi at the Cock-a-Doodle Café

3. Go in Peace

4. Speak Your Love

5. Home

6. Perfect Rendezvous

7. Dreams of a Life

8. Summertime in October

9. Song of Sandra

10. Invitation

11. Song of Happy

12. A Love That’s Real

13. What You See Is What You Get

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